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The Mac Mini Colos Success Story:

When Mac Mini Colos was started, we saw an inefficiency in the “Mac Hosting Business”. Providers were offering medium priced hosting of Mac Mini Servers but they were not fair on their terms. Some providers wanted an up front payment for a contract term, others required a long contract commitment. How can a consumer feel comfortable signing up for a medium priced monthly service with an inability to opt out of there is an issue?

At Mac Mini Colos we offer month to month billing as part of our standard offerings. That’s because we want the customer to feel comfortable at all times, and have faith in us to remain competitive in the marketplace. This means, the best service, support, connectivity, up-time, pricing, and knowledge will be met at all times. We do believe we are the best in the business because we are the top tier in all of these categories. We are also a Mac only company, which is great for our customers because we won’t host or support non Mac Mini Clients. If you are a client of Mac Mini Colos, you are dealing with a dedicated team that focuses on 1 specialized market when you sign up with us. Mac Minis.

Because of these practices stated above, we have experienced rapid growth in the last 2 months. We’ve obtained customers from other Mac Mini Companies, who are seeking faster speeds, more connectivity and peering relationships (since we are located in Los Angeles), and friendlier and smarter support personnel. We have also brought on board a bunch of new customers that have never hosted a Mac Mini before.

Some of our new customers have migrated from the Xserve platform to a Mini, but most are brand new to Mac Hosting and the necessities and benefits that come along with such. Every one of our new customer’s has thoroughly enjoyed working with Mac Mini Colos to get their new Mini online properly, and they are thrilled with that the server and the server OS is capable of doing. When they valuate what they are getting per month, and what they are paying per month, they are more then satisfied. That’s why Mac Mini Colos a massive success story, and a company that will continue to service internet customers needs for the long future ahead!

Finally, our big success has been our “Use Our Mini” dedicated server option. This is when a customer wants a dedicated server that they have full 100% access to, but Mac Mini Colos owns. This option saves the customer the up front cost of buying the server. The public should realize that Mac Mini Colos actually buys a new Mini per request for our $89.00 a month “Use Ours / Dedicated” product! What is even more appealing to our prospective customers who are in this category, is that there is no additional up front cost, or contract obligation. Mac Mini Colos will take on the full value risk, which is an up front cost of over $1,000.00 – and it takes Mac Mini Colos over 1 year to regain the cost of the server. We are Dedicated to making sure we can switch over every type of customer to enjoy the value of the Mac OS Server abilities, and Mini hardware.

When you analyze the practices of Mac Mini Colos, you can quickly see how we are the best option to host a Mac Mini Server that either you own, or we own. And don’t forget, if you choose the Dedicated option and we own the Mini, it’s 100% yours until you end your month to month deal with our company. At that point we will reclaim the server, erase the disks entirely and re-install the operating system securely.

Mac Mini Colos continues to enjoy growth thanks to the current and upcoming Mac community. Thank you for the support.